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Tidbits, Export Inspections, Markets & Rain Days Update 10/11/23


USDA issues an Export Inspections Report the first business day of every week which reports the amounts of commodities loaded on a ship, train, or truck, ready to leave the USA.

The soybean export inspections were the market shocker yesterday morning when reported to be 1.643 million mts, double the high end of the range of expectations. That was later corrected to 1.036 million mts. While the reduction was disappointing, there were still way more beans exported than expected for the week ending last Thursday.

Below is the breakdown of where the beans were loaded and their destination. The first column is where they were loaded, namely S. Atlantic (East Coast), Mississippi River (Mississippi River Port near the Gulf of Mexico), Columbia R. (Portland, OR on the Columbia River), Puget Sound (Seattle, WA) and Interior, which means beans loaded in containers in the interior USA.

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