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Tidbits, eFuel, Rainfall Comment, Rain Days Update 9/24/23


In Australia, Chevron’s employee union accepted, as Chevron already had, proposals from the country’s industrial arbitrator. Everybody back to work exporting 7% of the world's LNG.

A while back, a Sikh separatist was murdered in British Columbia. Canada and India are having a serious spat because Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused India’s government of ordering the hit. India responded by suspending all new visa applications for Canadian citizens. Then Trudeau asked India for cooperation to investigate the murder.

Canada is a major exporter of potash. India relies on Canadian potash to support its vast agricultural sector. Half of India’s 1.4 billion people work in agriculture and generate ~15% of its $3 trillion economy. While no threat regarding potash has been made public, if things do not cool down quickly, potash exports to India will enter the political arena.

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