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How to follow Tech Guy's posts

You are already familiar with Tech Guy and his Opening Calls and technical comments.

Many are already used to his emails and find them useful. In the past, he would send us information and we would publish it for you.

Now we want to get him talking to you directly by providing a platform to publish information himself. So in the coming days, Tech Guy will be publishing his posts on our blog personally. Most of his posts will be open to everyone for some time or always, but some may be limited to our subscribers only. You will be able to follow his posts and read them on our blog.

That said, we know that some people would prefer to receive information about these publications via email.

And we also understand that not everyone needs this technical information yet. So you can decide whether you need this data now or not.


If you would like to receive information about Tech Guy publications to your email, please start following him on our blog.

To do so:

2. Click the FOLLOW button on the left side of the page

2a. If you weren't logged in, the system will ask you to log in to your account on our website. Click on "Log In":

2b. Then "Log in with email":

2c. Log in with the email address you are using to receive our reports.

If you haven't purchased a subscription on the site by yourself before, you'll need to create a password through a password recovery.

3. After successfully loggin in website should say that you're now following Tech Guy, if it's not then click the Follow button again.

Then you'll start receiving instant notifications in your inbox every time Tech Guy makes a blog post.

In case you have any questions contact us at, we'll be glad to help.


We think there will be other authors on our site in the future that are useful to you.

For example, Jon Scheve's weekly reviews are on the blog for a while now.

We send notifications about Jon Scheve's posts ourselves.

But in case of Tech Guy, information loses value over time, so it's important that you learn about it instantly.


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