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Highlights, Ukrainian Yields, Rain Days Update 10/2/22


Yield report Ukraine for 2022 crops:

  • Corn down 42.8% from a year ago

  • Barley down by 25.1% (barley is a feed grain)

  • Wheat down 1.6%.

  • Sunflower seeds down 7.2% (an oil seed)

  • Rapeseed down 37.9% (an oil seed)

  • Soybeans down 33.8%

Credit Suisse is one of the world's largest banks. It has had problems over recent years, but so have other large banks, mostly from self-inflicted wounds due to greed. However, the "word" is Credit Suisse is about to fold, file bankruptcy or beg for some big money to take ownership and shore up its finances. This is not a secret. Credit Suisse stock value is down 61% this year ($3.92 a share Friday). A big bank failure will hurt equity markets around the world, which might knock commodity food prices some, but not for long. People still need to eat every day, so demand will be there.

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