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Highlights, Rain Days Update 9/18/22


Norway’s largest carrot farmer threw away 80 tons of carrots this past week because he cannot afford the electricity prices to clean, sort and package the carrots. Joe Biden told us a year ago there would be food shortages. Food shortages are coming to a store near you.

China approved the construction of 10 nuclear reactors to begin this year. They will take about five years to construct and cost about US$2.87 billion each. A quick response to a potential or actual crisis is one of the advantages of a dictatorship.

Two former Soviet Union (FSU) “republics”, now countries, Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan, are at the edge of a full-scale war. Some analysts say this is just the beginning of many FSU countries engaging in military action to expand their borders while Russia is distracted in Ukraine. Any military operation reduces food production.

StoneX’s fertilizer guy, Josh Linville, said late Friday that there are rumors that two European nitrogen plants are planning on coming back online. He says they are likely hoping for government assistance as they try to beat winter weather, which makes it harder to restart nitrogen manufacturing.

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