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Highlights, Put Options, Rain Days Update 7/24/22


Saturday morning, two Russian Kalibr missiles hit infrastructure at Ukraine’s major grain port, Odessa. Two other missiles were shot down by air defense forces according to Ukraine's Operational Command South.

"In the context of what is currently happening with Ukrainian grain, the strike was carried out exactly where the grain is," said Yuriy Ignat, spokesperson for the Ukrainian air force.

Turkey’s president, who was the deal-maker for the Ukrainian grain to be shipped from Ukraine's ports, said yesterday that Russia did not fire those missiles. He did not suggest who did, but who has the most to gain if Russia was blamed for firing those missiles? That would be Ukraine. It would not be the first time an attack was self-inflicted to sway public opinion. The attack less than 24 hours after the deal was signed has really ignited hate speech and comments for Russia, as one would expect. Certainly Putin knew that would happen and so did everyone opposed to Russia. It is safe to say Russia will be blamed for evermore even if Russia did not do it.

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