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Highlights, Energy, Rain Days Update 9/4/22


The CBOT trading will resume Monday evening, on Labor Day.

There is a growing number of opinions that lean toward declining soybean yields as recent weather and the two-week forecast continues excessive heat and not much rain for the Western Corn Belt. Soybeans, like corn, were planted a bit later than normal this year.

There was a failed attempt to assassinate Argentina's Vice-President. Argentina is the world’s #3 corn exporter with 60% inflation and an ongoing very serious drought as the spring planting season nears.

Gazprom (Russia energy company) says the natural gas pipeline to Germany under the Baltic Sea will be shut down indefinitely due to an oil leak on electrical components. Other sources say the problem is red tape holding up the delivery of a replacement turbine manufactured in Canada. Yet others say the stated problems are a cover as Russia wants to tighten the screws on Europe’s energy shortage.

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