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Highlights, Caps & Embargoes, Markets & Rain Days Update 12/12/22


The US is suffering a massive number of ear, nose, throat, and lung infections, mostly in the children population. These kids who were kept away from one another for two years are now in the catch-up phase of natural immunity with the early winter cold and confinement. Every over-the-counter drug retail outlet and many pharmacies cannot keep the needed drugs on the shelves. Children’s Tylenol is especially hard to find.

The same is happening in China after millions were in lock-down for three years. We all need to keep a close ear on what measures government officials around the world are considering to “flatten the curve of infections.” In the spring of 2020, they said a lock-down for two weeks would get us through the worst of covid… Are we going to go through that again and as crude oil goes to minus $44?

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